Following some of the digital methods I explored recently (, I will be facilitating a Digital humanities webminar with Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara on May 21st at 6pm (CDMX local time).


While data mining and statistical learning are born as tools of the exact sciences, business, and government agencies, their value to the human and social sciences has increasingly been demonstrated. Due to the growing interest aroused by the large amount of unstructured information shared on the Internet, technical analyzes have required to explore texts, images, relational networks or geographic data. It is precisely this type of data that the Humanities work with, benefiting, indirectly, from the very evolution of computing tools, giving rise to the emerging field of knowledge of digital Humanities. During this conference we will examine some of the possibilities of the free software tool R for this type of analysis.


Throughout this Digital humanities webminar, attendees will be able to follow several of the demonstrations raised through the RStudio Cloud platform (; assistants want to practice with some of the examples should have an account created.

Screenshots of the session

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