Hegel vs Nietzsche use of verbs: NLP computation

We believe in god as long as we believe in grammar. Nietzsche After an specific post dedicated to a NLP computational analysis, I would want to share more plots developing that issue. In this post, let’s perform a computational analysis on Hegel vs. Nietzsche use of verbs. Language, grammar and metaphysics Effectively, differences between Hegel […]

Collaboration on Automata’s Inner Movie book

My latest publication: “Is Big Data the new capture machine? Correlations between Data Mining and Gilles Deleuze philosophy”, in Curado, M. & Gouveia, S. S., (Eds.), Automata’s Inner Movie: Science and Philosophy of Mind, Vernon Press, 2019. Available at 24% discount using coupon CFC1720A4D2 at https://vernonpress.com/book/692 or on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Automatas-Inner-Movie-Philosophy-Psychology/dp/1622736311/

Think after Big Data

POWERS OF PHILOSOPHY AFTER THE DIGITAL AGE ABSTRACT Philosophy can still making relevant questions in our epoch, even more, facing the new digital revolution. If the Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning are every time more able to replicate thinking and get closer to a formulation not just logic but even behavioral through complex and […]