Collaboration on Automata’s Inner Movie book

My latest publication: “Is Big Data the new capture machine? Correlations between Data Mining and Gilles Deleuze philosophy”, in Curado, M. & Gouveia, S. S., (Eds.), Automata’s Inner Movie: Science and Philosophy of Mind, Vernon Press, 2019. Available at 24% discount using coupon CFC1720A4D2 at or on Amazon:

Areas of technological transvaluation through the Deleuze-Guattari philosophy

The philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari is used both to encourage the current technological and cybernetic evolution of society and to the contrary: to proclaim the need for areas and opaque layers to interconnectivity. Probably this is because technology itself is neutral: it depends on our uses and applications, the type of social formations that […]

Lapsus, interrupciones, balbuceos… Deleuze vs. NLP

Deleuze propone un pensamiento basado en el “infinitivo” (Lógica del sentido, 1969) donde la acción se suspende sobre sí misma en un eterno presente “sin espesor”. Si bien, esto ya había sido esbozado, según el propio Deleuze, en filosofías como la de Spinoza (Spinoza: Filosofía práctica, 1981), a través de las afecciones (en vez de accidentes) inmanentes de la substancia, el estudio deleuziano va más allá estudiando la agramaticalidad en sí misma como fenómeno de desbordamiento creativo.

Teoria da imagem no Maus Hábitos (Porto)

Lançamento do livro “Teoria da Imagem” de Manuel Cebral Loureda | 30.06, às 18h Estarão presentes também o editor da Axóuxere, Roberto Abuín, e o investigador e docente da Esap-Porto, Juan Luis Toboso. // A imagem não é algo que você possa pensar, mas é algo que lhe permite pensar, como um terreno ou um […]

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information

I will stay at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information which will be celebrated at the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal on December 5, 6 and 7, 2017. I present the communication “Is Big Data the new capture machine? Correlations between Data Mining and Gilles Deleuze Philosophy” which you could find […]

Think after Big Data

POWERS OF PHILOSOPHY AFTER THE DIGITAL AGE ABSTRACT Philosophy can still making relevant questions in our epoch, even more, facing the new digital revolution. If the Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning are every time more able to replicate thinking and get closer to a formulation not just logic but even behavioral through complex and […]

The video-surveillance body

An article recently published in the book “To debate the body”. The new technologies, along with other social changing factors, introduce us in a new anthropological space; the one of the knowledge, governed by new values and another way of understanding the productivity and its relations. The media stop being a mass product to offer […]