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6 Apr 2022 – Las audiencias en Youtube en las Conferencias de Prensa matutinas del Presidente. V COLOQUIO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN COMUNICACIÓN. Program.  

25 Mar 2022 – Interactive Exploratory Analysis for DH Trends. Global Digital Humanities Symposium. Michigan State University (USA).   

16 Feb 2022 – Introduction to Machine Learning for art collections. Heritage in a Bit. University Museum Contemporary Art (MUAC). Video-recording.

11 Nov 2021 – Digital Humanities Academic Trends Review5th Meeting of Digital Humanists. Red de Humanidades Digitales. Website archive.

27 Aug 2021 – Ethics and AI in entrepreneurship. Community Circles at RIIAA 4.0 MEETING ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS [Certification].

05 May 2021 – Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Philosophy. International Open Seminar of Science and Technology in Context. Video session recording

26 Mar 2021: Neither Hermetic nor Hermeneutical: Reasons for a Hermetic Laboratory. Hermes Congress. Lanzarote. Video recording

24 Nov 2020 – Hegel and Nietzsche from NLP computational analysis. Openclass at UNIR (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja).

05 Nov 2020 – NLP contributions to philosophical analysis: Hegel vs. Nietzsche. Poster at #NoviembreHD, International online meeting by Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales.

25 Jun 2020 – Education and Digital divide. Rethinking world before Covid-19. Conversation table at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Cátedra Alfonso Reyes.

21 May 2020 – Digital Humanities Webminar: some working tools. Online conference and workshop with Tecnológico de Monterrey for the promotion of the Digital Humanities Master Degree.

16 October 2019 – Archive devices in the human sciences: the digital transformation. Online conference at Tecnológico de Monterrey University for the promotion of the Digital Humanities Master Degree.

11 October 2019 – Workshop: Humanities with R. At the II Journey of Digital Humanities at Tecnológico de Monterrey University.

3 October 2019 – Cyber borderlands and geopolitical crisis. On the VIII International Conference of Borderlands at Tecnológico de Monterrey University.

7 March 2019 – Rural-urban: interstices and back and forth paths from the cultural and artistic thought and action.  MICROSPACES OF CULTURE AND CITIZENSHIP. Organized by the Ministry of Culture. Goverment Spain.

7-9 November 2018 – herm3TIC-tv- Prototype of a human and social science laboratory based on the Deleuze-Guattari philosophy and the application of the new ICT. SiGradi 2018. 22th CONFERENCE OF THE IBEROAMERICAN SOCIETY OF DIGITAL GRAPHICS. Universidade de São Paulo. São Carlos. Brazil.

14 November 2018 – Teoria da imagem. Book presentation and conversation at Philosophy Week, Santiago de Compostela university.

5 October 2018 – Areas of technological transvaluation through the philosophy of Deleuze-Guattari, participation at the International Congress AEEFP SIEU 2018, Ferrol, A Coruña University.

3 October 2018 – Lapsus, interruptions, babbling… Gilles Deleuze vs. NLP  at TechLING’18 International Conference, Universidade de Lisboa.

12 June 2018 – Gilles Deleuze philosophy of difference and Data analysis, communication at 6th Meeting of Youth Research in Arts and Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences, Santiago de Compostela University.

4 June 2018 – Presentation of the book “Teoria da imagem” with Axouxere Editora at SELIC 2018, Santiago de Compostela.

5-7 December 2017 – International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information organized by “Episteme & Logos Association”, Porto. Portugal.

17-19 May 2017 – ESLABON. Creation Spaces Meeting organized by “Espacio Oculto” and the Youth Institute Ministry of Spain

13-14 October 2016 – II Meeting Citizenship and Culture organized by the Ministry of Culture. Goverment Spain.

13 November 2015 – View grow nature participation in the table “Other economies” Rural Meeting Imagined organized by Rede ReVOLTA and the University of Vigo.

23-24 October 2015 – Journeys 987 Laboratory. Production and Mediation in Culture organized by MUSAC.

18-19 June 2015 – The re-intention of commons. “Digital and ancestral cultures”. Congress organized by Santiago de Compostela University and Derriba Project.

6-8 July 2015 – Strategies visibility of minority cultures. Teaching in the Summer Course “The reinventation of commons” at Santiago de Compostela University.

26 February 2015 – “Digital Revolution implications” teaching in the Master of Cultural Services at the Santiago de Compostela University.

20 February 2015 – Visual arts, Performing and ITCs: “the telepresence space” organizer the Seminar within the project “herm3TICa. Cameras, sensors and telepresence with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture.

20 November 2013 – “Video-intellegence. Torwards the audiovisual source code” opening the exhibition ZTC of Ergosfera organized by Santiago de Compostela Town Hall.

29 July to 1 August 2013 – “The video-surveillance body” conference at the Seminar “The body to be discussed: diversity in mechanisms, practice and avatars of corporality as social inscription” orgnanized by CampUSCulturae, Santiago de Compostela University.

16 November 2013 – “Alg-a Laboratorio e Cultura Libre na Galiza” conference to CreArte Association.

5-6 October 2012 – Quam 2012 “Porsity mechanism. Art – Education – Territory”. Congress organized by Acvic Contemporary Arts Center.

25-27 April 2012 – XXVI National Young Philosophy Congress “Philosophy and senses”, main organizer.

9-14 December 2011 – Teaching in “Telepresence Workshop” organized by LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Center.

14-16 April 2010 – Conference in the II Congress of Research in Educational Science organized by Santiago de Compostela University and University of Vigo.

14-16 December 2009 – Participation in the common Workshop “Expanded University in the Net-Space of Digital Practices and Cultures” organized by International Andalucía Universi6 Apr