Next November 24th 18.00 hours (GMT + 2) I will be teaching the session Hegel and Nietzsche from NLP computational analysis within the framework of the beginning of the course of the doctoral program in Humanities and Digital Society and thanks to the competition of the research group of UNIR HDAUNIR (Applied Digital Humanities). More information and registration. Also you will find related analysis in previous posts.

Openclass at La Rioja International University

Following Aristotle, Hegel reaffirms the grammatical relationship between subject and predicate as a substantial relationship of reality, that which gives the underlying structure of what happens. The predicate, as a variable entity or becoming, is subordinated to the subject, really stable and true. Against this, Nietzsche appeals to non-strictly linguistic relationships with reality, in which the subject dissolves, stating that we will believe in God while we believe in grammar. This conference tries to analyze this interpretive tension through visualizations obtained through text mining and natural language processing (NLP), concluding with a small practice in which the use of the programming library udpipe in R.