I participate on Hermes Congress which takes place at Lanzarote (Spain) from March 22 to March 26. I present a talk about the relations between philosophy and techonology and its configuration in a media lab. The congress want to bring together researchers around the issue of communication, audiovisual media and analysis. As a part of my communication, I present a media laboratory which is an herm3TIC laboratory. With this neologism, I want to approach the hermetica current but trying to opening it throught technologies.

Hermeneutics is one of the most important currents in the human sciences studies. It is opposed to the hermetic current, with less academic prestige and, supposedly, less scientific rigor. However, you can find a large number of authors and studies that support an approach to humanistic studies in a way that is closer to hermetic. In them, the use of technologies is key as part of the implementation of knowledge and communication.

To show this contrast, I expose the theoretical bases of hermeneutics as well as alternative currents closer to hermetic. Then, I reach the notion of “deep time of technology”. This concept brings the most pragmatic tendencies of the human sciences closer to the approaches of the hermetic tradition.

Please, watch the video and share your thoughts about philosophy and techonology relations in the youtube comments 😀! You can find more about this kind of methodologies in previous posts, or even on the herm3TIC project website.