I will stay at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information which will be celebrated at the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal on December 5, 6 and 7, 2017. I present the communication “Is Big Data the new capture machine? Correlations between Data Mining and Gilles Deleuze Philosophy” which you could find here

The accelerated growth of technologies related to the Artificial Intelligence raises considerations that must be rigorously evaluated. Due to the Media attention or the huge amounts of funding, it is urgent that we begin the public debate on all the issues related to the application of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. The impact of these technologies will be an intrinsic part of all aspects of our life: in our home, in our body, in health care, in war, etc. Thus, the relationship between machines and humans seems to be increasingly close, and it can reach to the point of extinction of the purely biological. As A.I. may be the last human invention, we should think carefully about all the scientific, political, ethical, legal, and philosophical aspects that surround it. You can check here the full program.