I have presented the paper¬†herm3TIC-tv: Prototype of a human and social sciences laboratory based on Deleuze-Guattari philosophy and the application of the new ICT at the International Conference SIGraDi 2018 treating the subject of “Technopolitics” where I proposed a prototype of a Digital Humanities Lab based on an interdisciplinary approach. The project was part of my research on an “herm3TIC” discipline, which overcome humanistic and hermeneutic difficulties when they try to face new technologies and interaction, designing a space where social sciences can reach the experimentation going further the mere documentation. This experience is also developed in a proper site http://herm3tica.tv¬†.

Our social interactions, increasingly mediated by technology, require subjectivity singularization spaces. The philosophy of Deleuze-Guattari gives us the keys of a machinic device that can counter-actualize the generic arrangement we suffer, derived from media and technology. This space is considered as a scenic space but also scientific and analytical, developing what Deleuze-Guattari called schizoanalysis clinic but that we can also understand as the development of a proper and interdisciplinary methodology for the new laboratories of human and social sciences.