Cultural Management


I have worked as cultural manager for 5 years at Alg-a Laboratory  as well as freelancer. I have curated projects related with art, technology and societyI have developed many campaigns and I promoted for 4 years the activities and events of Alg-a Laboratory (artist residence). The most of these cases I have worked as Graphic designer using Photoshop/Gimp to create logos, pictures, schedules and banners. I have also managed several mailing lists, for example, the international mailing list P2P commons (P2P Commons List  ) or the gzimaxinaria mailing list (GZImaxinaria mail list ).

I was a Member of the coordination team of the International event Collective Architectures Collective Architectures 2013  as well as the Technical and Communicational Director of the European project Cooperland, Infrastructures for Social Cooperation Cooperland 2014 where I coordinated many platforms together: WordPress, Semantic wiki, Livestream, Facebook, Twitter, Google Forms, Flickr and Dropbox dealing with several partners and Policy Makers of the UE.About the use of databases, I have knowledge of SQL also as an administrator (compressed them and submiting in CMS’s like WordPress or anothers) as well as querying databases in SQL. Furthermore, I recently finished a Master’s Degree in “Statistical Learning and Data Mining” (Masters Degree Data Mining ) so I have these issues about database analysis and creation very fresh (softwares like Rstudio, Weka Analysis, Ggobi Visualiztion System, Octave/Matlab).

I have worked with many artists and from different stems. I have curated from electronichal and digital art (Workshop Minitronics  to social projects or related with bioconstruction. However, I know specially well scenic and visual arts as well as new tendencies related with technology. For example, I founded years ago The Resonant Theater, an Innovative Educational Project (Plato’s Cave ) using Visual and Interactive Arts. More recently, I have directed research projects with creative code (OpenFramworks, Pure Data) and interactive hardware (Arduino, Circuit Bending) like hermeTIC, Cameras, sensors and Telepresence  or White Camera . Finally, related with Visual Arts, I have also tough an special session about “VJ History of Cinema ” in several museums. You could see again more details in my portfolio .