I managed and participated in these workshops about Contemporary Culture which were funded by La Coruña Council and with the collaboration of many groups and interdisciplinary researchers sharing approaches about the production of the culture in the early two thousands. Some of the groups that have participated were Ergosfera (presentation of the POPMETRÓPOLIS installation) or Derriba Project (Against cartography: heterotopies and mutations in contemporary thought). I collaborated with a workshop about cinema (VJ History of cinema) in the context of the Resonant Theater, pedagogical innovation project as well as in the round table about cultural production with Antón Fernández de Rota (Invisibel University), Ania González (Culture Workers) and Rubén Martínez (YProductions).

The Workshops of Contemporary Culture constitute a framework in which to analyze both the different formats that nurture cultural production today and the challenges it faces. The workshops will analyze concepts such as open licenses, changes produced by the appearance, diffusion and access to certain technological resources, the possibility of sharing non-physical spaces for debate and cultural exchange, etc.

The workshops are based on an initiative of the Universidade Invisíbel, which in itself constitutes an experiment in the field of institutional and cultural production, and which defines itself as a “proliferation network”. The Universidade Invisíbel, in addition to experimenting with different forms of production, encourages the dissemination and creation of critical debates, coordinates different projects of alternative teaching and artistic intervention and promotes a space for cultural exchange without the need to be part of a framework institutional to use.