As a part of the open seminar Science, Technology and Context at Tecnologico de Monterrey and with the international collaboration of Uncuyo, I present the conference The importance of Artificial Intelligence in the redefinition of (some of) the philosophies of the 21st century.

Since Aristotle defined the human being as one who makes a privileged use of reason and the word. This exclusivity of the species has never been more in question than today, in the face of the imminence of new technologies. Artificial Intelligence calls into question many of the alleged unquestionable evidences that define and limit philosophical rationality and forces us to think about our own thinking from new places.

During the session, we will review some of the contemporary philosophies that assume this change of perspective. Among them: the Churchlands, Ray Brassier, David Roden or Reza Negarestani.

Other posts where I treat Artificial Intelligence and philosophy here; which also treat technology implementation from a philosophical point of view.