Last week, I participated, together with Dr. Torres-Huitzil, in the 2021 Machine Learning-Driven Digital Technologies for Educational Innovation Workshop, conduced by Writing lab. There, we presented the paper Architecting Neural Deep Learning Models for Learning Analytics in a Digital Humanities Laboratory. The proposal combines the digital humanities approach with the engineering onebuilding the core of an smart environment which was preiously conceived.

The workshop was very well organized by Writing lab, who programmed in two days all the proposals, as well as specific lectures about machine learning and deep learning. Here you can consult the program. The lectures were about Fundamentals of Machine Learning, and Machine Learning in Development of
Educational Technology
, both of them by Prof. Amlan Chakrabarti (University of Calcutta) and Dr. Amit Das (University of Calcutta).

On the other hand, the selected tracks were about:

  • Digital Technologies for Educational Innovation
  • Machine Learning in Educational Innovation
  • Inclusion of Digital Technplogies during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Virtual and Augmented reality in education
  • Reimaging education and Educational Technologies
  • Data Science Driven Educational Practices (where our proposal took place).

So, this was a first step for the construction of Neural Deep Learning Models for Digital Humanities Laboratory, a task that is already present in the discussions of several researchers.